Monday, May 19, 2008

Lae-cy new releases & photo's of the show :)

Moi on the catwalk (yikes! scary stuff *lol*) photo by Aleida Rhode, ty!
Hi everyone :) What a great show it was last night! The graduates from Instyle model school did an AWESOME job and made the show one to not forget :)Lyra Nitely, Eve Torres, Lauren Mureaux, Venus Petrov and Renee Veliz congrats on graduating. Kylie Grears being a wonderfull host (despite being sick in RL), thank you all so much, I really enjoyed it. Check out some photo's done by Aphrodite (sweet sweet thank you SO much twinny!) on my flickr stream <3

On to the new releases (yep i'm wearing it in the above photo lol), Lae-cy sets! Named after Laetitia Vella, a sweet friend of mine :) The sets come in two color combinations, cream-black and olive-black. Let me know if there's interest for more bright colors, as i tend to use many natural/earthy tones ;) Anyway I will let the photo's speak this time:

Up in the mainstore :)Take care everyone,

Lovely resources used often by me in photographs:

Poses: Ana Lutetia, Aphrodite Outlander, LAP (long akward pose)

Skins: Laroki (RAC)

Jewels, hair, and shoes often by: Earthtones Jewels, Tesla shoes, Maitreya shoes, ETD hair

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Ana Lutetia said...

wow! the new dresses look great