Friday, May 16, 2008

Lovely Loxley :)

Hi friends!

Just released two gowns named Loxley, after my dear friend ofcourse. I like that, to name things after people you know, did the same with Aphrodite and here we have Loxley. The gowns come in two colors, red and midnight blue :) Each set has a glitchpants, flexi gown, top and an optional sheer overlay-thingy-i-have-no-idea-what-to-call-that ;)

Up in the mainstore ;)
About my slexchange and onerez listings: I'm re-doing every single box as my LM and items are outdated on my current listings, so if there's listings missing its because i'm editing them. Will take a few days to have it all fixed and restored!

Lovely resources used often by me in photographs:

Poses: Ana Lutetia, Aphrodite Outlander, LAP (long akward pose)

Skins: Laroki (RAC)

Jewels, hair, and shoes often by: Earthtones Jewels, Tesla shoes, Maitreya shoes, ETD hair

t/c everyone,

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LoxLey Tatham said...

Hello SySy,
You are so sweet to name the lovely gowns that you created after me......I am truly honored. They are gorgeous. Love your blog and love all of the outfits that you create.