Wednesday, May 14, 2008

New releases, Showtimes and more

What a week, what a week this is! Dealing with some personal issues, SL (tm) being borky as it is, some good old draaaaaaaaaaaamah and being burried in work, I'm feeling alive and kicking! *lol*
Got 2 new releases, 4 colors total. The roses dresses in brown and green, with a vintage-ish touch and a lovely rose texture and the sporty style plaid sets in babyblue and rose :) Here's some snappies:

Up in the mainstore right now ;) Taxi? :P

Coming up this Sunday May 18th, the Instyle graduation Fashionshow for May, featuring 25 of my designs :D The invitation will follow soon, but we're planning a funky fun show with great music, so mark down this date if you want to attend~!

Speaking about Instyle, remember this blogpost I did a while ago? Well, I told you that i've found Instyle's next SL Fashion Icon (:P) and I'm happy to share with you all that Loxley has made it to the 10 Pre-finalists! I was asked to be a judge in the panel for one of the groups for Challenge 3 (no, i did not have to grade Loxley personally hehe) and had the pleasure to view the AMAZING and i do mean AMAZING Moulin Rouge show they've pulled off. Check out some photo's and a nice review on the Deja-Vu blog right here ;) Also my hat off for the other groups, who pulled off great shows aswell! Congratulations to the ten finalists, I'm excited to see the next challenge ;)

Loxley Tatham @ the Moulin Rouge show Vouler vous coucher avec moi, ce soir?

Untill next time,

Lovely resources used often by me in photographs:

Poses: Ana Lutetia, Aphrodite Outlander, LAP (long akward pose)

Skins: Laroki (RAC)

Jewels, hair, and shoes often by: Earthtones Jewels, Tesla shoes, Maitreya shoes, ETD hair

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Heidi said...

Oh those new dresses are wonderful, especially the plaid ones. I must have them all! Thank you so much. <3

Heidi Volare