Wednesday, May 7, 2008

New mainstore, new releases, new gift, new everything :D

Woooooooooooot! My brandnew mainstore is practically finished. Aside from some details and *some* of the separate clothing items, all is up and running :) I want to invite you all to come take a look, I hope you all like it as much as I do!

Aside from the new building and layout, there's some new releases aswell! Two denim shorties sets, comes with a denim shorts, sculpted leg attachements, a funky printed tanktop and an optional primbelt to wear. Released in the colors blue and brown.

To celebrate the new mainstore, here's a L$1 gift for you all, a blue summer butterfly dress i've made with the amazing distressed textures. The flexi skirt comes in three options to wear ;) Pick it up in the mainstore!

I'm currently working on some exciting projects, opening 2 stores (one in a Japanese brand new mall which you'll hear very soon about, another in a brand new project which will have a grand opening May 17th, invitations will follow, this gonna be a show you do NOT wanna miss) and I'm also working on the outfits for the Instyle graduation Fashionshow for May 18th. (Invitations follow aswell). Then ofcourse there's the upcoming German designers Fashion Expo in the Vanity sim, which will open May 13th~! I'm not from Germany, but this is a joint project for German designers and neighbouring countries ;) Some VERY great talented designers are showcasing and selling their best works, so i strongly suggest you come take a look when it opens :)

So you hear that i'm busy...very even, and what does one do when things get too busy? Thats right, FISHING. *lol* If you haven't joined yet, come take a look at Aphrodite's place, to fish and relax, chat with some crazy people like myself, its great fun!

Last but not least, I want to send out a HUGE thank you to all my friends, in particular Loxley and Major, who where there for me when times weren't so wonderfull for me so to speak ;). Major makes wonderfull waterfalls, and created a waterfall which he named after me, the SySy Falls. Isn't that amazing? Take a look at his work, the falls are beautifull and you might run into Major himself, always up for a chat :) Here's a photo of the lovely SySy Falls:

Since this is officially the longest blogpost i've ever written, let me show you some snaps of the new separates department in my store. Some oldies, some new, some revamped, all available separate now and softly priced ;)

Ok ok, i'll stop this very long essay right here. Someone needs to seriously teach me how to do this "jump" cut thingy. LOL
Take care everyone, I appreciate each and everyone of you to make my store such a succes. Me=very happy about that!
P.S. (thought i was done? lol) big MUAHS to Ana Lutetia for writing such a lovely review. And look at those AWESOME pictures! <3

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Terri said...

I saw your new store layout and I love it! Thank you for always being so generous with your group gift and freebies!