Monday, January 11, 2010

Updates and uhm yeah HAPPY late new year!

So uhm, yes, i'm kinda late wishing you all the best for the new year! I kinda didn't blog for a while, but i have a good excuse! I've been working on some amazing projects, of which you soon will see the results :)

First of all, I got a new (err released last week *blushes*) sweater up in five colors, a real piece to mix and match :) The Lucy sweater comes in all layers, a waistsash, sculpted sleeves and a flexi scarf. You can wear it tucked or untucked so many options!
Available seperately or in a discounted fatpack :)
Pictured in brown:

Up in the mainstore > your cab here!

Furthermore as some of you might have heard, the exciting Rezzables event "The Future is Now" is coming soon! It's a celebration of all that is Mechametal Robosexual Cyberpunk Starfunk Spacejunk and best of it all, its gonna be held at the Greenies home! I'm proud and excited to be a part of the amazing design team for this one, and here's a little teaser of my contribution! Event kicks off January 17th, at noon SLT. You do NOT wanna miss this, promised!

^^ i know you see nothing, but thats why its a teaser :P


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