Wednesday, December 23, 2009

SL Daily deals: Noelle limited edition for 50% off :)

Hello everyone, happy holidays!

Today (Dec. 23) starting at 11 AM slt, which is about NOW, i'm participating in Secondlife Daily Deals ( a great initiative of Luna Jubilee and Express Zenovka. My SL daily deal is the Noelle gown which i made in a special limited edition color: its not pink, its not purple, its ehmm, pinkurple? :D And you get it for 50% OFF! Only 100 gowns will be sold and they are 200L$ (50% off each), so be fast :) The vendor will be active at 11 am SLT for 24 hours! Hope you enjoy!

Get it here :)
<3 SySy

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