Friday, December 18, 2009

Storecard 50% SALE!

Don't you all just LOVE this season? All the snow, the lights, the gifts, its fabulous! To add my little part to that, I'm here to tell you about the 50% off storecard sale!
Giftcards are on sale from NOW till December 21st so you can buy gifts for your friends/loved ones for the holidays. Or for yourself and shop with 50% off hehehe!
The cards are available in the mainstore ONLY, and the following amounts are available:

250 L$ card for 125 L$
500 L$ card for 250 L$
1000 L$ card for 500 L$
2500 L$ card for 1250 L$

I've put up a festive giftbox and a basket for L$0 where you can put your card in, it contains giftcard user instructions and a LM to my store, so thats easy and nice for gift giving!

Wishing you and yours an early Merry Christmas!
<3 SySy

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