Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My 3rd rezday!

So, I logged in SL this morning as usual, planning to work a little, not realizing it was my 3rd rezday. Third time in a row i actually forget it! LOL. But friends didn't! I got a fantastic surprise party tonight and i was totally FLOORED as i didn't expect anything, hell, i didn't even knew it was my rezday at first!
It was a party for both myself and Sanura Snowpaw who has the same rezday as me:D Later, it turned out it was also Isabeau Reinard's rezday and tomorrow its Ivey's! (sn@tch ivey!) so it turned out to be one big MEGA party!
I want to thank Shiryu Musashi for organizing this, tricking me into thinking i had this annoying photoshoot XD, and i want to thank EVERYONE who attended <3. I have the BEST friends in the world! So, (monster task, SHOOT me if i forget someone) thank you to (in NO particular order):

Shiryu Musashi (organizing this all OMG <3), Dezi Jarvinen (i LOVE you chica my best friend in this world <3), Aphrodite Outlander, Mainit Hellman, Ana Lutetia, Arianrhod Gehlbard, Nadia Felwitch, Alicia Chenaux (DEEEEJAYYYYY!!!), Rai Blaylock, Jennaa Loire, Nardya Rousselot, Felicity Blumenthal, Peter Stindberg, BeauZeau Zhao, Barbara Nicholls, Quaintly Tuqiri, Isabeau Reinard, Dawny Daviau, CodeBastard Redgrave, Ivey Deschanel (her rezday is TOMORROW guys!), Roblem Hogarth, Gwendolyn Cassinik, janellem Capalini, Arabella Steadham, Sorite Krautrauch, Elaine Mirajkar, liane Boomhauer, Veronica Kanya, Aldwyn Zanzibar and last but definately not least, Prad *the man* Prathivi~!

WOW. Thank you also to everyone in world who sent me messages and omg gifts and all that good stuff :D You all made this day so so special! I hope i didn't forget anyone, if i do PUHLEAZE kick me! Here's some pics i manage to take, if you see yourself on it or see a missing name, please add to the tags :D WOOOT TY all so much <3

Party Pics!

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