Saturday, December 12, 2009

Cerra & Milano Holidays photo's!

Goodevening everyone!

I have LOTS of exciting news to tell you, but first things first: the brand new Cerra gowns :)
The Cerra gown is a 100% handdrawn gown (as always lately but hey its kinda cool to mention ha? LOL) with very delicate beading on the top. Thin elegant straps over the shoulders and a nice cleavage cut. To give it a festive look the gown has a sash with a hanging bow on the back, the gown falls lean and is completed with a small shiny trim.
Cerra comes in all layers and six colors to choose from, or a discounted fatpack to get them all!
Pictured here are three of the colors:

the other colors are: red, silver and teal :) Get them in my mainstore!

Now...some news. This monday December 14th, Fabulous Fashion will have a special edition about the winterstock sim, showing the designs of several winterstock vendors, including mine :) The lovely Alicia Chenaux will model my gown..and there will be more lovely outfits aswell as assecoiries on display! I will send you an invite aswell as more information monday ;)

**** ready for the REALLY awesome news??? ***** If you read this far, I promise its worth it. Stick with me for 2 more minutes and you won't regret you went through all this info...
Shiryu Musashi of Musashi-do is holding a Photo exhibition starting ...RIGHT now. Why is this important? Because, not only did Shiryu make awesome RL pictures of his hometown Milano, which he's selling for Toys for Tots charity, but you can WIN A LIFETIME OF RELEASES from both HIS and MY STORE! WHY? Because I'm sponsoring this awesome event! Thats right, you can win A LIFETIME of everything both Shiryu and myself will release, starting from December the 20th. HOW? Read all information on the Musashi-do blog right here.

Some Details:

Milano Holidays 2009 Is a photographic exhibition featuring 50 original pictures (and two movies) by Shiryu Musashi portraying the beautiful city of Milan during this holiday season. You will see how the capital city of Italian fashion (and according to many, of worldwide fashion) dresses up for the holiday seasons, in a rainbow of merry lights merging with historical monuments and kisses under the mistletoe. You can experience the exhibition on the 4th floor of the Musashi-Do Flagship Store

During the whole event you will be able to purchase a scripted picture frame that includes the 10 best pictures (those 10 will NOT be available between the free ones above) of the exhibition. The frame itself changes 15 colors to fit your mood and any kind of furniture you might have in your SL hourse.
The Milano Holidays 2009 Picture Collection Frame costs L$ 250 and is no copy/modify/TRANSFER.

100% of the income from the sale of the Milano Holidays 2009 Picture Collection Frame will be donated to the Toys for Tots charity.

Milano Holidays 2009 is just the first event of two. On December the 20th, 2009, a second, bigger exhibition will open: "World Holidays 2009"!
While Milano Holidays focuses on Milan, World Holidays 2009 will feature pictures from all over the world, pictures that you all can take and show, while having a chance to fin fabulous prizes from our sponsors, Musashi-Do and SySy's.

Thats it for now, I promised some nice Christmas gifts for my groupmembers, I am working on them as we speak ;) Expect some nice surprises soon!

<3 SySy

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