Monday, January 18, 2010

GaGa Ohlala, Roma, ro ma ma: SL Daily deal!

Goodevening/day everyone!

The Sl Daily Deal is JUST online, it was somewhat delayed due to me being a bit sick in RL ;) Appologies for if you came earlier to snag the deal, it's up now!
So whats up? A mash up from my outfits Autumn Roses, Iloa pants and Amber set! What else is new, is that this outfit is transferable, so you can gift it if you want :)
You get this complete outfit for 99L$ untill midnight SLT so be fast :) The vendor is at the right at the main entry!

Only 200 available!

Now here's more newness, something you are totally not used from me: the GAGA sets! It's created especially for the Rezzable event "The future is now 2010" at the Greenies home! Kicked off yesterday with a dazzling fashionshow, this event will last for 3 more weeks and you can buy the most amazing outfits and items from several awesome designers! My submission is the GaGa Romama set, available in three colors:

Each set comes with a top and pants in all layers, gloves and socks, collar and shoulder attachements, ringskirt and......laser shooting nip attachements!

These are ONLY available at the Greenies sim along with the other designs!
Check out some pictures from yesterday's first show on Lokum Shilova's flickr. here!

<3 SySy

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