Saturday, February 2, 2008

PROTEST on Skin/textures or any content theft!

Please join and support, protest!

pic by minnu palen

Vote on this Jira, we need a record of votes to be heard!

Locations of Skin theft stores (some might be down already, as abuse reports are coming in rapidly):

Brasil Northe

Prepare to be banned as most of us already have been.
Please read this post of Minnu Palen about the skin theft. (I'm fully supporting this)
Also please note that Popfuzz decided to close her sim as a protest against whats going on.

I'm calling on all my groupmembers aswell to support this protest. Think about it, if content theft is THIS easy, whats the point of creating in the first place? The economy of SL could go down for real, as some of the scammers are threatening to give out stolen items full perms.

More information on the subject can be found here.

Groupmembers, SL residents, Store owners, Content creators, EVERYONE who can support this action is greatly appreciated, as its really time now to let our voices be heard!

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