Sunday, February 3, 2008

Sale extended, ongoing protests & more!

Wow, so much to tell with all what is going on! Gonna try to keep this as short as possible ;)
I decided to extend the sale going on in my mainstore right now, untill the store is done! This will be Monday or Tuesday (most likely tuesday). Reason is, the reorganisation of my store takes longer then expected :P And as long as I'm reorganizing, i'm keeping all the items on sale! Quicky tp?

Then as most of you have read by now, the protest or rather WAR against content theft is going full force. Several designers are providing free protest skins, boxes to wear, signs to put up and most importantly: WE NEED YOUR HELP! So get those votes on here!!!!
Also i'd like to quickly mention that Designers have to take drastic measures to fight this, please also read this post by Sachi from Adam n Eve and support this action too!

Now i developed a serious headache from this topic, protesting yesterday and i'm sure more of us have, but the fight WILL go on. The more votes we get, the better!

Last but not least, Ana Lutetia wrote such a sweet review with some awesome pictures (i love how she does her pictures!) on two of my designs right here. Ty Ana *muah* :)

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