Friday, February 1, 2008

SALE! Everything (almost) on sale!

Goooodevening (or morning or night wherever wherever you are on the globe)!

I'm having a huge weekend sale in the mainstore right now, everything is priced 50% off (or more) and to simplify it, the rules are like this.

* All items priced usually above L$100 are now L$100
* All items priced usually below L$100 are now L$50

This goes for EVERYTHING in the mainstore, excluding:

Male and Unisex wear (i'm sorry guys!)
Gowns from the Blush Line
And the capoeira sets from S.Y.D. & co.

For the rest ALL is priced either 50 L$ or 100L$ woot!!
The reason for this sale is that I'm re organizing the mainstore, making it ready for the spring. I will retire some of the items on sale now, some i will give a much needed upgrade, will mix n match some packs and also sell some much requested seperates.

Sale will last till this Sunday, when I will be redoing some work in the mainstore.
To avoid confusion, the sale is ONLY going in my mainstore. (not on any other vendor points, slexchange or shoponrez listings).

Hope everyone enjoys, i'm ready to release alot of new items!
TP to mainstore

I almost forgot! I want to thank Rike from for writing a great article on my store:) It's all in German but i had it translated lol. Here's the article if you're interested!

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