Monday, August 31, 2009

SySy's Starlight Exclusive!


As SySy blogged on Saturday, she is part of a very exciting new idea by RubyStarlight Writer aptly named Starlight Exclusives! It is a boutique containing the designs of 17 designers...that can only be purchased there, not anywhere else.

SySy also teased you a bit about her contribution, The Ivey, and now I can finally show you!!

It is everything she promised...and more. and versatile!

You can purchase it in Night (black) or Fire (red). There are leaves and vines that wrap themselves around your torso and there are a few different ways to wear the skirt. Long - gorgeous and simple, long skirt with floating leaves overlay, or short and sculpted. Don't forget the gloves for an added touch!

The dress is a different look for SySy but it is also a hint of things to stay tuned...because it is really going to be an exciting Fall season from SySy's Designs!

Here is your ride to Starlight Exclusives...go check out all the gorgeous things!

xo- Sophia Harlow

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