Monday, July 27, 2009

Water Nymph....!

WOW, that was an amazing first show! If you missed it, and I'm sure a lot of you did since the sim filled up an hour ahead of time, don't worry...there will be more shows coming ;)

Soooooo, with the Rezzable store being open with all the lovely creations, I can finally show you SySy's!

The gown has "normal"options as well (without the waves etc.) for more regular use and as always comes in all layers. Its ONLY available at the Black Swan location till August. 17, after that it will be in the mainstore.

Go and check it out and see some of the other lovely designs from amazing designers!!

Black Swan: follow the path, Black Swan (5, 57, 22)

xo - Sophia Harlow

1 comment:

Sasy Scarborough said...

fabulous style and colour, yay SySy, and hi Sophia :)