Monday, July 27, 2009

Black Swan Teaser and Invite

SySy's is thrilled to invite you to the LAST Rezzable fashion event, Swan Song, opening today at 12:00 pm SLT! It is running from July 27th until August 17th.

Many of you may have heard the whispers that the theme for this final event will be "Elements - Fire, Water, Earth and Air."

The designs for this show are still a secret, so here's a teaser picture of SySy's gown named Waternymph:

Please come see this amazing show at 12 PM SLT, and try to get there early because it will be filling up quickly!

You can shop your little heart out after the show! I'm looking at severely STUNNING creations from designers like Zaara, Callie Cline and a whole dream team!


Sophia Harlow

Swansong dream team:

Amutey DeCuir - Bliss Couture

Autumn Hykova - Tiny Bird (Hair)

Ayesha Bisiani - Skin Within (Skins)

Brandy Rasmussen - Shine (Jewellery)

Callie Cline - Callie Cline Designs

Candy Cerveau - Eye Candy (Jewellery)

Cherelle Capra - C & D Designs (Home Style)

Dezi Jarvinen - Staged

Evangeline Miles - Evie's Closet

Ghanima Uriza - ++Blue Blood++

Helena Stringer - The Stringer Mausoleum (Hair)

Ivey Deschanel - SN@TCH

Jamie Holmer - INDI Designs

June Dion - Bare Rose Tokyo

Kavar Cleanslate - Exile

Kellie Iwish - Elate!

Lorac Forella - Pulse (Skins)

Morphine Janick - The Sweetest Goodbye

Morrigan Denimore - The Black Canary

Raven Pennyfeather - House of RFyre

Rezit Sideways - Designs of Darkness (Tattoos)

Rouge Darcy - Rebel Extravaganza

Ryker Beck - Exodi (Skins)

Samsara Nishi - Sam's Secrets

Sissy Pessoa - Baiastice

Sky Everett - Sky Everett Designs (Hair)

Star Fairymeadow - Wretched Dollies

SySy Chapman - SySy's Designs

Tabitha Ninetails - The Laughing Academy

Zaara Kohime - Zaara

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