Sunday, June 21, 2009

RFL Hope hunt & introducing.........

Join the grid wide RFL Hope hunt and find as many yellow roses you can find. The all stars RFL team organized this hunt and the SXY2nd sim is participating in this hunt with 100 roses for you to find! Since I have a store there aswell, I decided to join in and I created a special outfit, which is split over the 5 hidden yellow roses in my store. These roses can ONLY be found at my sidestore in Sxy2nd, NOT in the mainstore or other locations for clarity. Other designers in the sim are participating too so you want to find as many roses as possible!

Once collected the 5 roses in my store, you'll have this brandnew outfit:

Start hunting here!

*Note: Because many avatars are joining in this hunt, it can be laggy and therefor it can take a while for the rose to give out your gift. Please be patient and understand that this system is beyond my control, as its controlled by the organizers! Ty for understanding ;)

NOW!!! For the Introduction part (wooooot i'm SO excited about this!!) ****drumroll****
I would like to introduce to you all the awesome Sophia Harlow as my storemanager & assistant! You may know her from her photostudio Sacred studio she runs together with her hubby. Customers with questions please contact her as she will help you with any inquiries, this leaves me more time to design :) Also Sophia and me are in different timezones, this is very convenient since the chance is big that one of us is online should you need to contact me ;) She will be helping me with blogging too so you will definately hear from her! I can't tell you how happy i am to have her working for me, zomg I actually have "staff" now LMAO! ;) In all seriousness though, a helping hand is much needed and will work out for the better for the customers aswell. I want to state clearly though to please always feel free to contact me directly with questions/suggestions if you wish to do so! However my time is limited and i do have a RL aswell so with this in mind you'll understand the need for me to have a partner in crime so to speak ;) Either way, both Sophia and me will do our best to help you as best as possible! Stay tuned to hear from Miss Harlow herself :D

Thats it for now, back to the drawingboards!
<3, SySy

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