Thursday, May 7, 2009

Elorisse - FDC - Ina Centaur's creation!

As a part of the Fasion Designers Challenge, every designer taking part will blog about another designer's creation for this exciting project :) I'm blogging about Ina Centaur's sensational creation today: Elorisse. And boy am i lucky to blog about this particular one! Ina was challenged (by herself yep yep this can happen) to:

" my challenge is to create an outfit in and to try to create a SL photography version of some of the seregel pics" - Ina Centaur

Although this not being my personal style, i'm still very hyped about it because this creation is really sensational and comes with a TON of options. Elorisse comes with a shape, skin, earrings, complete outfit with options to choose from, sculpted sleeves, scarf, collars, you name it! Even a pose and a standing animation are included aswell as a (as pictured) lovely backdrop. The texture work is very delicate and I had no trouble fitting every prim attachement. I <3 that when i don't have to adjust anything *grins*. SOOOOOOOOO? How did Ina do? She did friggin fantastic, here's Ina's creation Elorisse:

Yeah thats me in the photo! You wouldn't say that huh? :D

The lovely Tillie Ariantho shot publicity photo's from all our creations, here's the one she did for Ina:

The elorisse pack along with the other creations is ONLY available in the special FDC stores set up untill May 17th:
FDC store @ Road to Oz
FDC store @ Sn@tch city

Hope you enjoy and OH! If you visit Ina's mainstore take a look at the "wall of male genitalia" i had a blast rotfl!!!
<3 SySy

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