Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Overwhelming coverage!

Here i am again! Yes, two times today, but the press RL and SL is so overwhelming for the First Fusion show we had last night, that i just have to post it and share it with you all!

Model Rena showing one of my designs, a replica of the RL dress (photo's of the RL dresses soon, aswell as sale info for the designs)

All 4 designs of Nicky Ree, Indira Bekkers, Aphrodite Outlander and yours truly.

Una Ewing wrote a lovely review of the show and posted some incredible pictures, right here.

Here's some press links I just have to mention (proud designer speaking here *lol*) for those of you interested. Note that some of these links are in Dutch!

De Telegraaf (the telegraph) Dutch national newspaper
NRC Next Dutch newspaper
Indian Feelings.com


Alla said...

omgosh!!! who made the hair on the girl in the short gold dress? I love it!!!

Grazia said...

I find it kinda cute that the SL designers are able to produce way better looking designs than the RL designer. The coverage by AT5 (Amsterdam television) showed just enough of the RL designs to make me want to hurry back to SL :-(. Unfortunately I couldn't make it to the Leidseplein or I would have loved to do a more in depth report.

SySy Chapman said...

Grazia *lol* ty! I saw the RL dresses too on AT5 and ehm...well let me say they were not what i've expected ;) You see we were giving photo's from the fabrics and sketches, not the actuall dresses hehe. I doubted to go to the leidseplein but i had to be in SL :) Ty for stopping by!

Anonymous said...