Tuesday, February 26, 2008

First Fusion, what a show!

Me chilling and pretending I wasn't nervous at the show yesterday :P Photo by Tillie Ariantho

Hi everyone! Wow, what a great show we had last night! It was amazingly organized by the wonderfull people of Ewing Fashion Agency (special shout to Connie Molinaro <3!). The show opened with the wonderfull music and a spectacular performance of Mankind, who has btw a new fan now: me!

Then it was time for the show, in a full packed sim of First Meta we saw many familiar faces, bloggers, magazines and other press agencies. But most of all, the sim was packed with an amazing enthousiastic crowd! Tempest and Una from EFA welcomed the public with short opening speech. Then the models rocked the (laggy!) runway showing our designs that Nicky, Indira, Aphro and me worked so hard on these last two weeks. It was a great pleasure to work with these ladies (and who would've thought we'd be ending up jumping and dancing on the catwalk in the end? *lol*)

Some RL and SL press reviews and video's can be found here:

AT5 Dutch Amsterdam Television [RL show images]
The SL show will be aired on AT5 dutch television tonight in their evening news!
Photo's shot by Tillie Ariantho [Ewing Fashion Agency}]
A show review, pictures and information at the First.meta.nu blog by Ze
Meta Network news review

Pictures of the RL Designs will be posted asap. I'll keep you updated on more reviews and when the designs will go on sale! For now, those of you who weren't able to attend the show, I created a special goodiebag with some gifts for you all, which i now placed in my mainstore near the entry. Quick tp here to pick yours up!

Goodiebag contents:

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