Sunday, November 25, 2007

TONS of updates!

Hey everyone! Finally the new store is ready :) It was alot of work but the new look is up and running and I also decided to change the name of the store to S.Y.D. (Sy designs still but then shorter, sounds more cool huh? lol). So if you haven't yet, take a look in the new store. I've put up lots of items for sale, and i do mean sale: items from over 100 L$ are going for 25 L$ now and won't be coming back after Christmas to make room for the new collection. Also new: Gowns. 4 available at the moment, but expect much more to come as i enjoy making them alot. Now on to the new releases, too many to list all here now but here's a few:

Black velvet gown (available in 4 colors) Onrez link

Christmas gift L$10 Onrez link

There's more...but like i said too much to list here :) You can get these items in my store or at SLX or ShopOnRez. Happy sunday!

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