Thursday, November 29, 2007

Reviews & updates!

Goodevening friends :) I'm happy to announce that S.Y.D. got its very first review today :) Click here to read! Thanks to Milla Michinaga from Michami Style blog for taking the time.

Well whats new? I'm currently getting a storecard/giftcertificate system so in the future, you can easily buy giftcards and presents for your friends. It will take me a couple of days to get it all up and running, but be on the lookout for that! Also new: you can now easily join my new group and recieve freebies and updates on latest releases, simply touch the sign in my mainstore. Good thing of this is, that its not adding to your SL groups or that you will get these annoying groupchat messages. Only updates and gifts!

On to the new releases:
For him: Morning after v neck & jeans SLEX
For her: Lila dream gown SLEX


Raven said...

hey Sysy hate to do this to you
but you've been tagged
go to my blog for the info and join in the blog fun


SySy Chapman said...

LMAO uh oh here i go! LOL