Saturday, April 18, 2015


Brand new releases at a brand new an exciting event: !nterlude at !dustry! !nterlude is an event where the participating creators are making something inspired by a song of their choice. For this first round, SYSY's chose the song Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars. Out now at the event which opened on the 12th, are the Uptown capri pants available in 6 colors, each come with a beltbuckle metal change HUD and ofcourse the classic Fedora hat couldn't miss in this release! The hat is available in 3 colors, each come with a rim&bow color changing HUD.

Check it out at !nterlude!

In other news, i've made a new groupgift for members of my group! New members will recieve this upon joining, current members have had it sent to them. A little gift to celebrate, SYSY's upcoming move. Thats right, I've been working in silence on a brand new mainstore location! SYSY's current store on the Deck will remain in a somewhat smaller fashion, but there will be a brand new big mainstore location! Details about that soon...


Hope you enjoy!

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