Saturday, June 7, 2014

Fashion for Life


Fashion for Life has opened its doors just now, which means 10 sims full of fashion of which every single item donates to the American Cancer Society! SYSY's is participating this year with two new items being exclusively released to the FFL event, with the theme Wanderlust.
Wanderette is a short dress with a boho feel to it, available in 6 daring colorcombinations in standard sizing.


SYSY's FFL store is located at the FFL Trek sim: Taxi here!

Another exclusive release are the sunny sandals, in complimenting colors to the dresses. These can be worn with the SLink flat feet and come in 6 colors:


Check out all the pictures here 

Read more about Fashion for Life

List of SLurls to all 10 Fashion for life sims:

FFL Amble
FFL Excursion
FFL Journey
FFL Meander
FFL Parade
FFL Perambulate
FFL Promenade
FFL Trek
FFL Voyage
FFL Wander

The American Cancer Society Sim

Lets Relay!!

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