Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Whats your wish?

Hello everyone! SySy's is excited to inform you that the brandnew Wishlist feature is installed in SySy's stores. What is a wishlist? From now on, whenever you shop at SySy's (or any of the other participating stores), you can add any item you like to your wishlist, and share your wishlist with your friends/partners/family so they know what gifts you would like for any occasion!

How does it work?

 *Go to the Wishlist kiosk at the front desk and click it. It looks like this:
*Choose "create list" to make your own wishlist. Instructions will follow in the chatmenu.

 *Now you can share your wishlist with anyone you want, by giving them the url given to you, and they are able to get you gifts. Nice for Christmas, Valentines day, or just because :)

 * Click the kiosk again and choose "get HUD" to get a shopping HUD which includes all participating stores with the wishlist system.

This system is brand new but there's already some amazing stores joining in, and a little bird told me that when you sign up at Flair Nails you might get picked for weekly gifts from your wishlists ;) Who knows this inspires other creators to do the same, you never know who's going to look at your wishlist!

I've also included an updated storepolicy and general instructions on available features in SySy's stores, so that its clear what is available! Did you know that you get a storecredit of 10% with every purchase? That there's giftcards?
Now you do!

 Happy shopping!

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