Sunday, October 17, 2010

Happy Pre-Halloween!

Ok lovelies, get your sexy backsides seated cuz this will be a long one. The good news is this Monday, and this Monday only, SYSY put out a limited color of her most recent release - Hush dress. Fire-hot red and ONLY 75L$ at STELLAR!

Another good news is Vertigo Shopping Mall is opening and we have the pleasure of welcoming you to it with a dollarbie gift Spiderdress for the month of October! Find this mysterious beauty waiting for you in the main garden, while you get ready for the Halloween fun.

Even MORE exciting news: do you enjoy mindbreaking games and puzzles? This halloween SYSY's takes part in the Exodi/Woe detective challenge "Murder at the Creek". Find all the evidence and solve this puzzle to win various prizes from participating designers. Our prize for you is this quite sharp teeth souvenir, Shark Attack shirt! Mainly for men but just imagine that fearce looking woman, wearing this one.

Last but not the least we have the honor of participating in this year's Burn2 (previously known as Burn to Life). Burn2 - an annual festival of community, art and fire that brings the culture and cool of Burning Man to the metaverse, held through Oct. 24. Pick up SYSY's free welcome gift to all SL residents.

So with all that awesome stuff happening how can there be any bad news I could be boring you with????? ENJOY! And come by to SYSY's to have a looksie at the rest of our collection! xoxo

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