Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Guess who's back! With Chanel!

Woooot! I'm back home from a wonderfull summervacation in France. Two weeks almost no SL or internet does a human good sometimes ;) It certainly did me! But now i'm back and back to "work". Two days ago some of you have probably seen the BOSL tribute to Coco Chanel show, with amazing designs inspired by Chanel Haute Couture. I saw some of the pictures and i know i'm gonna be shopping like a mad woman! But not before i show you my own contribution for this event, the Voulez Vous gown. Typically Chanel in black and white, with waist ribbon. The gown comes in all layers top and bottom, sculpted gown with ruffles, sculpted waist ribbon with bow and bodice ruffles. To complete the look I included flexi headfeathers in black and white aswell. Voulez Vous is available in the mainstore right now. Hope you enjoy!

Stay tuned for the new fall collection which will be out soon...
It's good to be back!

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