Saturday, July 18, 2009

RFL: United Forces against cancer!

HI sweeties! As most of you know this weekend will be the END weekend for Relay for Life. I'm asking you to come join us and fight cancer with our team, United Forces against Cancer.
How can you participate or contribute? By buying any RFL item from the vendors, by being there, by walking laps, but lighting luminaria's, by donating in the kiosks but just your presence is very appreciated aswell!

The opening ceremonies will start in a couple of hours, at 12 PM SLT but the sims are OPEN right now. So *hint hint* if you want to peek LAG free, and maybe even shop some of our teams's amazing creations (Leezu Baxter, Lemania Indigo, Zaara, Digital eyes) just to name a few, i would suggest you come by now ;)
Here's the lm to our teams's campsite and the official press release! At our campsite, you will be able to make fun pictures, swim, shop and have a good time! Feel free to browse around, i'm there now too so lets have some fun!

United forces campsite taxi!

<3 SySy
Ps. any questions? Ask our team captain Morgan Kincess, co captain Ionic Benton or myself :)

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