Wednesday, July 8, 2009

NEW..Morgan Dresses

Oh, the bliss of receiving an IM from SySy that starts with..."Soph, guess whatttt?" I have quickly learned that means that there is going to be some yummy goodness dropped on me.

SySy made the very cutest dresses that are perfect for either dress up or dress down. The balloon skirt is adorable and looks great with heels or with casual sandals. I know this because I tried both. I can't help myself...I am dress happy. The dress comes in all layers, because always does and in five beautiful colors; blue, green, mauve, orange and pink.

I am off to spin in circles in my new pretty dress.

xo - Soph

Catch a ride to SySy's:

1 comment:

Dezi Jarvinen said...

The second i saw the picture of this dress I knew SySy had created yet another peice of genius. I love love love love love this dress.