Friday, July 31, 2009


Hi everyone,

Just a short message to tell you about the launch of my new catwalk collection! These pieces will be coming out in ONE color combination only, so no fatpacks and all that jazz. I'm releasing the first piece today: Chanelle! The Chanelle gown is an elegant black couture gown, with a tight black bodysuit with sheer silk skirt draping over it. Optionally you can wear the white feathers on top of that for that extra vavoom! The back is lowcut but still tastefully (no coin slots visible! :P) and if you wear the scarf with the flowers and feathers a black feather will dangle across your bare back. I"ve also included a bracelet with a white rose to match!
Hope you enjoy this :)

Find it in my mainstore on the right new releases wall :)

Lots more pieces are in the making for this collection, of which the first is inspired on a CoCo Chanel design for an upcoming BOSL show soon ;) I will release that one REAL soon after the show is over ;)

Last note: I will be leaving for two weeks on a vacation to France, but i will be able to login every once and a while ;) For questions during my off time, please contact my manager Sophia Harlow and she'll be happy to help you!
Untill next time!
<3 SySy

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