Sunday, June 7, 2009

RFL Fashion Expo 2009

As most of you have heard by now, tomorrow Monday at 9AM SLT the Fashion Expo will open its doors :) I've finished my setting up and flew around the sims to check it out and let me tell you: you do NOT wanna miss this!! Ofcourse there's this year also the silent auctions with one of a kind pieces, all proceeds will go to the ACS. Let me show you a few snaps of my RFL items for the Expo this year, including my one of a kind auction piece!

"Regular" RFL items (exclusive to the expo though, these will be only available during the expo):

Anais Limited edition Fashion Expo 2009

Lotta Limited edition Fashion Expo 2009

And my one of a kind auction piece is the Mandarin Surprise gown :) This gown is not your usual pink/purple ballroom RFL gown, i wanted to have some different colors and give a bit of a boho/gypsy/oriental/ethnic flair to it somehow. The huge bow on the back is for extra fun, little haute couture-ish no? Comes in all layers and fishtail attachements. The lovely Skinkie Winkler made an EIGHTEEN (!) piece one of a kind jewelry set to match this gown which you will get with the gown. One big package and all proceeds will be for the ACS~! So both Skinkie and I hope you come and bid on this teamwork we did :)

Ofcourse i'll have a special gift waiting for you at my Expo store aswell ;)
Hope to see you tomorrow!

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