Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Anais :)

Hey hey!

Anais is a summery, flirty dress set with flowers in lovely color combinations. It comes with a wrapped style asymetric top, draped around the body and two choices of skirts: flexy and asymetric with a bow, or a "regular" super sexy miniskirt option. Each set comes with all layers as usual for easy wearing :) Three color combinations are available:

These are up in the mainstore right now:D (i've made it easier to find new releases, you will walk right into them :P)

Now, most of you have heard of the upcoming Fashion Expo i think no? It will take place June 8th - June 14th and will have the famous ONE OF A KIND silent auctions aswell again :)
I wanna show you a preview of what my one of a kind gown will look like, including the beautiful matching jewelry set (of EIGHTTEEN pieces!!!!) made by Skinkie Winkler of Flirt fine jewelry :D (who is moving in the rigby sim aswell now btw so you will see her beautiful store popping up real soon!)
So ready? Here it is (there's only ONE person who will get this set, ever as this is really ONE of a kind and all proceeds will ofcourse go to the ACS):

:D I hope you like it and will bid on it when it goes on auction! More info about the Fashion expo will be available the next coming days ;)

Thats it for now, hope you enjoy the new stuff and take care all!
<3 SySy

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