Sunday, May 17, 2009

Meghan & Jennifer are nice together!

So there's these two ladies both gorgeous who've after some serious work, wanting-to-throw-pc-outta-the-window-moments, laughter and uploads have come together. Their names are Meghan and Jennifer and i think they are cute together :)

Meghan is my newest gown, which i'm releasing in 5 colors and has some lovely beads spread all over the top. This gown is 100% handdrawn and took me alot of time to do, but i'm pretty happy with the outcome :) Meghan comes with all layers and two flexi skirts, one lean and one backpiece which you can wear combined.

You can find Meghan in the mainhallway on the right in my mainstore!

So who's Jennifer? Jennifer is the gorgeous new skin my dear friend and soon to be neighbour in the Rigby sim Dezi Jarvinen just released! I'm wearing it in the pics and i'm in love with it. *Staged* Skins and Fashion will soon join me in the Rigy sim but for now a shameless little plug for Staged's current mainstore cause I love Dezi and i'm loving her new skins!

Take care everyone and untill next time,
<3 SySy

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