Saturday, April 25, 2009

Cavin chic for Sxy2nd

Hi people!

A short blog post to congratulate the sweeties from Sxy2nd sim for their opening and soon magazine launch {a preview issue is available in world } and to show you my exclusively designed Cavin chic dress which is only available in the brand new Sxy2nd sim! Cavin chic comes all layers and it's just not your normal gown, it's not casual yet not formal either. It's and fun!

Check out this brand new sim where you'll find some great designers in a beautifull South beach setting.

My own mainstore is currently being rebuild, however things will stay open as usual. You just only see one huge empty place now where soon will appear a fantastic new building ;) AND...ofcourse there's the L$99 ongoing rebuilding sale which will end once the new build is done! So don't miss that one ;)

*Back to work for me*
t/c and <3,


Sascha Frangilli said...

Coooool, you finally got an ava that actually looks like YOU!


SySy Chapman said...

Sas! HOLY SMOKES now thats a huge compliment! hahaha i wishi look like this HAHAHA ;) MUAH (but i know what you mean with the hair and dreads etc. ) ;))