Sunday, April 12, 2009

And this is MY final say about the matter.

(appologies in advance, RANT blog, pissed off emo blog, probably long, and non fashion related!)

Ok. After reading this statement by Maggie Mahoney of RUNWAY, especially the "timeline of events" part, I decided to have my OWN timeline of events part i want to speak about to the public.

Since i always thought IM's are for private conversations, its to say the least surprising to see my PERSONAL comment to Maggie published on the Runway blog, without my permission, out there for everyone to see. I also never recieved a responce to that comment either.

I left Maggie the following message tonight (yes, publically pasted here, I rather do it myself then to read it back at a blog):
[14:57] SySy Chapman: Hi Maggie, one last message in your IM (< which i always thought were meant for PERSONAL and PRIVATE conversations), to wish you well and i mean that from the bottom of my heart, but i AM incredibly dissapointed that you chose to publish my im in the public without my permission. I will respond with making my OWN timeline of events on my own blog. I"m very sorry this all went this way, whats really going on with RUNWAY and BOSL behind the scenes i don't KNOW, its none of my business either. My comment was made to you based on my PERSONAL opinion and of the little i KNEW for facts at that time. Again, wishing you and Ocean the best, but i would have really thought someone like you having a little more consideration and not publish private well meant IM's to the public like that. Thanks..... SySy


April 8: I hear about RUNWAY closing and the handover to BOSL from a friend for the first time, also hear about Maggie's health condition at that day. I've worked with RUNWAY on two occasions, (the AIFW & the MANTOVA projects) and this was a pleasant experience. I occasionally talked to Ocean, and both him and Maggie have always been nothing but friendly to me. Hearing about Maggie's health condition was upsetting to me, as I had no idea.

April 9: Several blogs write about the closing of RUNWAY and it get's known (to me) that RUNWAY will not be merging with BOSL. I responded to a plurk post, based on my PERSONAL opinion on Frolic Mills. (Business wise i've worked with several ppl of the BOSL team, with the most pleasure and good experience such as the make a wish stylista festival back in November/December) I'd like to add here that my personal opinion of Frolic was based on a few things: hear say, something personal with a friend i'd not share in public and never will, and the fact i found him a diva. Now I KNOW of myself i can be (not proud of this!) very judgemental pretty fast sometimes. I left Maggie Mahoney the particular comment now published on the RUNWAY blog.

April 9 a little later: A friend (no names named here since i DO try to respect ppl's privacy) posts a plurk in which is stated they are appalled by the way frolic and BOSL gets slammed in the blogs/plurk etc.etc. After talking to that friend for a while, and finding out MORE sides to this story, I decided to contact Frolic and tell him straight up about the comment i made on the plurk earlier. I've told him also why, and that i found him a diva to which he responded "But i am" LMAO , which i think is pretty hillarious but that aside. I appologized to Frolic for jumping the bandwagon, judging fast without knowing the ACTUAL facts. I actually STILL dont know ALL the facts, and i dont'want to know them anymore.

Why am i posting this all? Because if my name is out there and gets used in this way, i want a chance to speak for myself aswell. If there's one thing i really hate, and had NEVER thought someone like Maggie would do, is using people and/or their names/images/brands or anything like that to make yourself look better. Or to make your case stronger. I really don't like the whole popularity-elitism athmosphere *some* of the groups/agencies in SL seem to have. (I say *some* because gladly i know plenty who are awesome nice hardworking ppl who are still having their both feet on the ground ;)) I always said pretty bluntly to friends and several others that i would never lick someone's ass to gain anything, and i never will. I don't care how many sims, magazines, succes or anything anyone owns, designers, models, ppl with or without succes, we are ALL human and in SL for various reasons. Thats what i love about it so much! So yes, if i have an opinion on someone, it doesn't matter if they are "big names" or "small names" im going to say it. In this particular case, i'd have to admit that my opinion was not formed by myself and that i had indeed let myself get influenced by hearsay, gossip, the one bad experience and the overal feel of elitism-popularity i have some trouble with sometimes. This is unfair towards Frolic therefor i appologized to him personally. Not licking his ass :P

I've talked to Frolic before publishing this blogpost and asked his permission to use his name and tell what happened, as far as my little part in this whole ordeal. And yes i still think he's a divah, but hey, as he says he IS one. LMAO

Leaves me to say that i still do wish Maggie the best with her health, I wish her and Ocean a great long and happy life. I just wanted to get this off my chest on my own blog in my own words.

Now...back to the drawing table designing and OH! I won a sexy dude for a RFL auction last nite, i might be going on that date soon :P

<3, SySy


Ana Lutetia said...

I think publish IMs without permissions is against the ToS of SL™...


Quaintly Tuqiri said...

Ana - I think ToS only applies in places that LL controls, like the official SL forums. Other than that it's a private matter between the two parties. LL couldn't take action against someone for something done outside SL.

SySy - I haven't been following all this but am glad you are able to have your say. *hugs*

Sascha Frangilli said...

Jeetje, ik denk dat ik blijkbaar SL niet serieus genoeg neem....

Wat een drama allemaal zeg met dat gebeuren.


M0lly Dench said...

Whilst I was not intending to comment on this matter, the final post on the website has moved me to type. My comments can be found here:

M0lly Dench
Former Managing Editor
RUNWAY Magazine.