Sunday, March 2, 2008

First Fusion dresses released *updated*

I'm excited to finally announce that the First Fusion Fashionshow dresses are now on sale :)
As most of you know the EFA FF show was a great success and we decided to put up the dresses for sale for a special price. Because we want to keep it fair, all dresses from the other designers are priced the same. If you want to collect all 4 types (makes a total of 8, each designer made 2), you can start to do so from now on, except for the black gowns of Aphrodite (AC creations) due to RL reasons. Keep an eye out for those!

Here are my contribution for the show, the gold/brown "Autum" dresses for sale in the mainstore now! In the pack you will find the goodiebag from S.Y.D. aswell as from FirstMeta who sponsored this event.

**UPDATE: correction! I've added the flexi dress to the short gown (whoops!) and decided to put the long and the short dress in one pack. Everyone who bought a pack so far, i've refunded ;) Also, by popular request i'm making more colors of the short dress, stay tuned for that. Sorry for the mistake!

Other colors released from:
Nicky Ree (Green gowns)
Indira Bekkers (Red gowns)

Other new release: Boho set

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Connie Molinaro said... all did a fab job with the dresses...hehe... i know how difficult the job was!!!

Kisses, you 4 were a perfect team!

Have some more links for your EFA - First Fusion list:,35