Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Jackets 209 & Vday events

Guess what: its Valentines day thursday! (just in case you didn't noticed yet :P)
We'll have a special vday event on our island this weekend with live DJ's, parties, giveaways, dollarbees and much more! For more info on that, please read this blog post. Here's a sneakpeek at my dollarbee items for the weekend:

Then on to the new releases today: Finally i did something for guys (and gals!) again: Jacket 209 series. Why 209? I have really NO idea! It just sounded cool *lmfao*. The Jacket is for guys and girls and comes in 4 colors and sculpted sleeves. Each pack also contains a plain white tee to optionally wear with it. Fatpack is available aswell! Tp to the mainstore here :)

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