Thursday, February 7, 2008

Africa & new sets

Can you believe after SL being borky as it is lately, with crashing with almost every TP, not being able to save notecards and things mysteriously dissapearing from inventory, I today also managed to delete my entire shop on rez listings? (do not laugh! lol). Somehow I did something wrong with resetting the scripts and couldn't find my items no more. Im gonna add everything back though, will take a few ;)

The good news: the mainstore is finally redone! Some older items are retired, few are on sale and some packs are redone and upgraded. I've added some seperates and fatpacks for basics and one new release: Africa. I let the pics do the talking ;)

Quick tp to the mainstore here, Slexchange listings here. (Shopon Rez listings being worked on :P)


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